Sorry about the absence on my blog but I have been in Turkey the past week with my family and just got back to Munich tonight. Will post about the chilling beach days, food and trips to Antalya and Alanya in the next couple days. Tomorrow I am headed back to my grandparents for a couple days before flying off to Madrid with my Academy Consult friends. Right after that I will be sitting on a plane going home to Shanghai (:

So my travel blog is pretty filled and there is always a suitcase standing in the corner ready to be unpacked and repacked. Hope you are all enjoying your summer break!



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"The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life, and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds. The people that believe in you so much, you start to believe in you too. The people that love you, simply for being you. The once in a lifetime kind of people." — Unknown

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After the 10 o clock mark passed I had one more exam down and I’m one step closer to my summer break and the start of an amazing time with lots of exciting things coming up and lots of travelling.

However, I still have one exam looming over me which I haven’t really started to study for.. I have a really bad conscience about this but I had a killer week the first exam week as I had four exam back to back so I haven’t really gotten around to study it. This can’t really dampen my mood though now that the weather has picked up, my sister is in Germany and the end of the exams are coming closer and closer! 

Next up are of course the carefree days, chilling in the English garden, stuffing myself with good food . Then comes the Holi Colour Festival and the arrival of my parents in Munich! Then it’s already the Turkey beach resort and then the trip to Spain and then home.. omg just listing those things out makes me so excited.

I need to tone it down a bit though because I know I still have that one exam coming up and I am determined to do it well! 

Hope you are all having an amazing summer and to those who are still at uni or working, hang in there! you’re summer awaits you soon enough!



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When Götze scored that 1:0 for Germany in extra time he brought us the trophy home!


We are all so immensely proud of our boys and are just ecstatic about the win! 

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My gorgeous younger sister K just got into Munich and we spent two wonderful days together, despite me being in my crazy exam period. I haven’t seen her in forever and its been so nice catching up! She’s grown so much and she’s as tall as me now… We even had a little family reunion here in Munich when my Dad was flying back to Shanghai from Stuttgart via Munich and ended up having an amazing dinner at the Peruvian restaurant close by my uni. Their food is exquisite and I fell in love with it ever since I first tried it with S

We started off with Ceviche and Anticuchos as appetisers. I convinced my sister to order the Chihca Morada for drinks and she loved it (duhh.. i knew she would it is sooo amazing!). 


It’s this Peruvian drink made from purple corn! If you don’t know what it is, go google it. The corn is a deep deep purple in almost looks black! They mix it with lemon juice, some cinnamon flavour and cut apple pieces. I don’t know if that is the traditional way of making it but it tastes amazing. 





I had the aji de galinas (chicken in creamy sauce) and my dad had the lomo salt ado (beef with pepper). My sister really wanted to try Quinoa which they prepared in a risotto style with amazing spices. 

imageLomo Saltado

imageAji de gallina

It was so nice having them here again and it makes me so excited for summer holidays! Sis and I have been catching up a lot and I am secretly hoping she will decide to come to Munich as well for uni ;) 

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I know this post is long long long long overdue but by now I hope everyone has recuperated from that crazy semi final match of Germany against Brazil where we achieved an astonishing and unexpected 7:1 win against the host country. Though I was jumping of joy I couldn’t help but feel bad for the Brazilians who were full of expectations and hope for their country men. 

My sister has just arrived from Shanghai and we are both super psyched for the game on Sunday where the big showdown is happening in Rio. Everyone has high hopes and we just hope our boys can bring home the trophy this world cup! 

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Right now I am in complete exam stress as I have four back to back exams this week and now I have just the baddest of luck and fell ill. This morning I woke up with a pounding headache after a restless toss and turn sleep. Still forced myself out of bed to cram in some organic chemistry before the exam at 10.30am. Though I already knew that I was getting sick or already was sick due to my ache in the entire body and the chills, I told myself it was pre-exam anxiety. The exam itself went pretty well and after stepping out in the pouring rain to go to the study room I realised that there was no denying that my body was giving up on me. 

This morning I already went to the pharmacy before the exam to get some Vitamin C pills but in the afternoon I had to swing by again to get some real medicine to keep my fever down. The endless rain outside and the gloomy weather wasn’t really helping. There are still the two exams looming over my head and this whole incidence has also dampened my excitement for the Germany-Brazil game starting in an hour. My girlies have been super sweet and offered to drop by to coddle me so I will have C and S over for some cuddling, tea and football watching from bed.

Hope you’re all doing well and don’t miss out on the game tonight ;) I’ll be proudly wearing my black, red and golden stripes! Those who are in gloomy Europe right now: best of luck that the weather will clear up and good luck to all my fellow peeps writing exams this week! Have my fingers crossed for you all <3

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you have been given the privilege of life. so go live it. everyday of it. every second of it. learn to appreciate it and love it. do everything you want to. do the things you love. stop saying ‘what if’ because one day you will wake up and realise all that you could have had and what you missed out on; the one you let slip away, the tree house you never built, that road trip you never took, the friends you never met and the memories never made. 

so go out there. travel, get lost amongst strangers, immerse yourself in foreign cultures. open your heart and mind to the world. take that risk, run that extra mile and you will see that life has so much more to offer than your four walls and your safety net that you have wrapped so tightly around you. get out of you comfort zone, jump in that cold water, take that leap of faith. 

be the person you want to be and reach for the stars and the moons and beyond. set your goals high and pursuit them, don’t let anyone tell you you are not good enough or can not do something. you are infinite in your possibilities. seize every opportunity you are given. don’t hesitate, just do it.  nothing is stopping you, besides you. don’t let the time slip away because that is one thing you can not hold to. don’t wait around for love it will find you. be whoever you want to be. be an artist, a philosopher, a rocket designer. learn a new language, take that cooking class, say yes to that dance.

share your dreams, your aspiration and hopes. don’t depend on other people, the most important person you can trust and rely on is yourself. your strength, your determination and your will. so go out there and just let yourself be you. live your life to the fullest and you will feel see that the world is infinite, the opportunities infinite and you, you are infinite. -AC

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"WE ARE IN THE SEMIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Germany is one step closer to the trophyyyy!" —

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my concentration span today during studying&#8230;

my concentration span today during studying…

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