When the sun is starting to set and you busy bees are back from work and are looking to play LKF is the place to go. When I first arrived in HK my friends took me out here and its LKF is actually a street, one street filled with bars, restaurants and clubs. Whether you want the high end cocktail bar, an american movie style beer pong loft, a techno club you can find it in this street. Unlike the party scene in Taipei or in Shanghai people in HK tend to bar hop. This is also the place where you can find all the expats and internationals. You will mostly here English spoken in the street and maybe you can even meet one of your countryman at one of the bars. If you had one or two drinks too much don’t worry… the red taxis will be waiting for you just in front of your bar. 

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As I have already said Hong Kong offers you the cityscape you desire. Sky scrapers are normal building heres in Hong Kong, though they do not strive to reach the top tears as Shanghai is building one giant after the other they are definitely very high buildings. The tallest building in Hong Kong is the IFC (International Finance Centre) building. Hong Kong is the financial hub of China. It’s a business city and you will notice that when you leave your house in the morning onto the streets. Men and women in suits and business wear will be getting into taxis, buses and MTR and if you were to stop someone at least half will tell you they work at a bank. 
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Yes Hong Kong is metropolitan city with over 7 million people. As an island city it is difficult to expand the land mass but with skyrocketing figures for a saturated place there is no surprise that apartment building are nearly never lower than at least 25 floors. It is no surprise for a friend of mine to say they live in the 42nd floor. You can experience the mass of people whenever you go into the MTR (subway) during peak hours. You have to often wait three trains until you can get on. Whenever I come back from work sitting on the double decker bus at the red light at Causeway bay sogo area it’s almost scaring to see the moving mass of people crossing. So if you have never been to Asia and you are heading to a big city brace yourself, whether its Bangkok, Shanghai or Hong Kong, there are going to be a lot of people!

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In my third week here my aunt took me up to the Peak to have dinner and to admire the view. I have been to the peak before with my dad and I remembered glancing down from the sky terrace at night and seeing the city lights below. My auntie is a complete foodie and so together with my 6 year old cousin (whom I love to death btw) we treated ourselves to a gourmet dinner with foie gras wraps, oysters and steak. 

I have always been back to Hong Kong at least every two years to come visit my grandma but I never realised how beautiful this city really is and how it suits me. It is the combination of the two other cities I love so much: Shanghai and Taipei. it has the big city glam and at the same time the nature and the small town feel if you want it, and lets not forget the food. THE FOOD. 

The night view was just as beautiful as the one when it is still bright. If you ever come to HK don’t miss out on this. Go up the peak and take your own look ;) 

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Only 5 more days and I will be back to the place I have learnt to love so much over the years: Taipei. Though my family is not from Taiwan my five year stay there has really made me realise how much I love Taipei. Due to my internship here in Hong Kong I wasn’t able to go back to Shanghai to visit my family but good news is that my sister will be travelling to Taipei next week as well to see her friends. While I am visiting my bestie C, Z and L I still get to see my baby sis so I am super psyched to see everybody. C has already asked for my restaurant requests and planned out the schedule for me to see all the new found clubs she is dying to show me. I haven’t been back to Taipei since summer when I took my uni girls with me. Simply can not wait to go back to my other home <3

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#2: What I love about Hong Kong is the amalgamation of city and nature. it offers you this modern glass and concrete jungle but at the same time has whatever your nature loving side desires. Hong Kong is an island, beautiful bays, hillsides, parks and mountains everything is accessible and takes you so little time. You can go hiking or just bathe in the sun at one of the beaches. Here’s a list of just some of the bays:

  • Clear water bay
  • Deep water bay
  • Repulse bay
  • Stanley bay
  • Quarry bay
  • Causeway bay 
  • Discovery bay

And the list goes on for more in Kowloon and New Territory area. 

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It’s already my fourth week here in Hong Kong! Unbelievable how time has passed by and I have been one busy bee this whole time so please excuse my absence on tumblr. I know I promised posts about Hong Kong and the food so I will try my best to catch up on everything this and the following week :)
A lot of things happened in this past month which I will get into but lets rewind a little back to when C came to HK for a short visit over the weekend! It’s been almost half a year since I got to see her! I was super excited and took half a day off. She brought me a ton of pineapple cake from Taiwan and a cute little make up bag. We spent the weekend eating out way through the city having at least 5 meals a day and snack sessions in between. C had a friend from TW over here in HK as well so we went out to the bar mile Lan Kwai Fong. We did quite a bit of shopping though we actually didn’t end up buying as much as we thought we did. It was so nice having her over again and though we haven’t seen each other in a while and the messaging was rather in sporadic intervals we picked up right where we left off. 
Due to the AC here in HK I already got sick my second week here. I was really miserable and one day the flu just really knocked me out. I had to take  3 different meds to keep my body going so I could drag myself to work everyday. People who know me know, that I am not a big believer and fan of taking meds, so this time it really got me bad. I’m just not used to aircon being blast everywhere 24/7 chilling every room to an icy 16 degrees. The same goes to my hotel room where I stayed the first two weeks where I had to keep the AC off. It’s crazy because up until today I am still coughing :( 
Hope my health will pick up again soon! 
More about my internship, the office life and the food will be in the upcoming posts ;) 

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HK of the Week #1
For those who have never been to Hong Kong, here is a first glimpse of this amazing city from high up. 

HK of the Week #1

For those who have never been to Hong Kong, here is a first glimpse of this amazing city from high up. 

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Hello lovelies!

Yours truly writing from the wonderful, exciting and busy city of Hong Kong. This city is one of my favourite cities of all times. It’s the perfect combination of my other top cities choices of Shanghai and Taipei. It has the city life, it has ocean, it has nature, it has the busy asian lifestyle, it has the FOOOD, omg don’t even get me started on the food… 

Speaking of which, I have decided to feature a weekly food post over my two months stay here in Hong Kong. I am indulging in some of the most delicious dishes here, it would just be too mean to deny you all at least the opportunity to LOOK at the food and drool over the screen ;)

I am in Hong Kong right now doing an internship for two months at B. I am sorry for the delay in posts but I was super busy settling in, confirming my accommodations and just getting used to my working schedule! It’s weird telling my friends and S to Skype at night ‘when I come back from work..’.

I have to work 5 days a week and each day at least 7.5 hours. My colleagues are all super nice and the atmosphere in the office is really relaxed and comfortable. People are super helpful and are more than happy to answer your questions and to teach you. I am gaining insight into some really interesting things and love to see the inside work of the corporate world. It’s been an exciting week filled with new things, amazing food and a first impression of my next two months stay here in Hong Kong!

Is there anything you really want to know, see, virtually ‘eat’ from Hong Kong? Drop me a message and I will try to satisfy your wishes (:

With lots of love, 


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On a more positive noteeee! I am going to the HOLI COLOUR FESTIVAL in summer ;) already got my tickets and everything is already sold out! can&#8217;t wait for this colour splash ;) 

On a more positive noteeee! I am going to the HOLI COLOUR FESTIVAL in summer ;) already got my tickets and everything is already sold out! can’t wait for this colour splash ;) 

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